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Interested in creating a testimonial for Rural Roots Nutrition PLLC?                     to fill out a few questions and add a testimonial that will be sent directly to us! Thank you so much for your continued support!

"When I met Carolyn in August of '16 I was afraid to eat! My A1c had creeped up to an all time high of 8.3! My efforts to control my diabetes with diet and meds weren't working. Carolyn taught me how to count carbs, read labels, and shop smart. She also taught me the important role that fiber plays in blood sugar control. She encouraged me to try using apps that would help me monitor my diet and blood sugar readings in an easy way. Her personalized attention really helped me turn things around. My A1c is now down to 6.9 and I have lost 20 lbs, I am no longer afraid to eat, and I am confident in my food choices. Best of all, I know that she is still there, checking in occasionally, ready to help if I need her!"   ~Lori

"Carolyn's guidance in nutrition has significantly improved my overall health. I have lost 30 pounds and gained control of my diabetes. I have learned how to enjoy the foods I like and still eat healthy! Her advice is realistic and helpful."    ~Donna

"Working with Carolyn on my nutritional needs has been very beneficial to me. She listens, gives good advice, and suggestions that make sense and are doable."    ~Dan

"I sought help from Carolyn Allen because of issue related to constipation/diarrhea. My gastroenterologist provided me with a prescription to see Ms. Allen, a dietitian (+) nutrition counselor. This situation negatively impacted travel for me during two vacation trips out of the country. Carolyn Allen’s preparation for our initial meeting I found impressive and reassuring. She provided me with a holistic approach to address both nutritional changes and strategies to minimize anxiety. She also provided me with information relative to the possibility of referrals to other professional who might be helpful. Before working with Rural Roots Nutrition PLLC and Carolyn Allen, MS, RD, CDN, CLC, I felt unsure, concerned. After working with Rural Roots Nutrition PLLC and Carolyn Allen, MS, RD, CDN, CLC, I feel reassured, more “on top of my game,” ready to try some new strategies. Ms. Allen listened attentively, understood my concerns provided alternative hypotheses, stayed in touch, and supported me. My negative situation has been resolved. Give it a try…Ms. Allen is so knowledgeable, completely understanding and will help you make changes in your life that you are striving to make. Working with Carolyn Allen as part of Rural Roots Nutrition PLLC has definitely made a positive difference in my life."     ~J., Marcellus, NY

"I have been struggling with diabetes and managing my blood sugar levels while also suffering from hypothyroidism. Weight loss is a giant struggle due to both conditions. I have seen a diabetic educator in the past. I have a bad relationship with food too. Either binging or skipping meals. While I was in high school, I developed an eating disorder which made dieting very difficult and anxiety filling. The straw the broke me to seek a dietitian was the weight on the scale tipping at its highest ever in my life and feeling blah all the time. Carolyn Allen has helped me in many ways. She has helped me achieve small goals which all work towards repairing my relationship with food. I am learning how to better manage my blood sugar levels and have the accountability in checking those levels regularly. The meal planning is at the beginning stages but helpful. Messaging back and forth between sessions is sooo extremely helpful. I am better able to track success or fails to talk about during our sessions so I don’t forget what needs to be talked about. Before working with Carolyn, I felt hopeless. I was always tired and in a spiral to rock bottom with my health. After working with Carolyn, I feel more confident in making food choices that are both healthy and yummy. I haven’t completed any new lab results yet since working with Carolyn. However, I do know the number on the scale has gone down, but I don’t like to focus on the specific number as that is just my relationship with earth’s gravity. I would like to focus on keeping my blood sugars in the feel good range more often. I would like to focus on my clothes feeling looser on me. I feel like I have more energy and I am hungry less often for filler foods. Carolyn takes her time to actually listen to your concerns and struggles and is willing to brainstorm ideas to help solve things for you. Success isn’t specifically if you meet a goal either. Sometimes it is a baby step taken with some courage. Why are you waiting? You are loved and worth this to try right now."     ~Anonymous, Syracuse, NY

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