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"When I met Carolyn in August of '16 I was afraid to eat! My A1c had creeped up to an all time high of 8.3! My efforts to control my diabetes with diet and meds weren't working. Carolyn taught me how to count carbs, read labels, and shop smart. She also taught me the important role that fiber plays in blood sugar control. She encouraged me to try using apps that would help me monitor my diet and blood sugar readings in an easy way. Her personalized attention really helped me turn things around. My A1c is now down to 6.9 and I have lost 20 lbs, I am no longer afraid to eat, and I am confident in my food choices. Best of all, I know that she is still there, checking in occasionally, ready to help if I need her!"   ~Lori

"Carolyn's guidance in nutrition has significantly improved my overall health. I have lost 30 pounds and gained control of my diabetes. I have learned how to enjoy the foods I like and still eat healthy! Her advice is realistic and helpful."    ~Donna


"Working with Carolyn on my nutritional needs has been very beneficial to me. She listens, gives good advice, and suggestions that make sense and are doable."    ~Dan

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